Achieve Goals

Implement effective strategies to accomplish your goals.


Improve Relationships

Learn communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy skills.


Health & Wellness

Develop habits that will enrich your physical and mental health.

Why Counseling?

Dr. Sarah Staley

Licensed Psychologist

About Dr. Staley

Dr. Sarah Staley is a Clinical Psychologist in the United States Army Reserve.  She earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University and a Masters of Public Health (MPH) at The George Washington University.  Dr. Staley completed her Predoctoral Internship and Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of California, Berkeley in the Tang Health Center.  She is passionate about psychological and preventative health and has developed, implemented, and evaluated health programs in academic, community, and medical settings.  Dr. Staley has been recognized for her excellence in university instruction, research, and organizational consulting.

I strive to provide a supportive environment where you feel comfortable working on the challenges in your life. By developing uniquely tailored therapeutic goals, we will work collaboratively to optimize your confidence, connections with others, and well-being.

Through the use of research based clinical interventions, you will be able to learn specific strategies to better cope with personal struggles and to achieve personal and professional goals.

I respect the courage it takes to look at past and present negative experiences, and my goal is to help you feel empowered through your process of making positive change.